Minna Aalto INTO Movement

Minna Aalto INTO Movement

Like so many of us, Minna Aalto took a few detours until she found her niche.  Instead of following a career with her Master’s degree, she was moved to carve out a livelihood by teaching Nia, a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance and healing arts.  Minna loves to share the joy of dance to people of all ages from kindergarten to seniors. She also creates music based on her poetry under her alter ego ‘Minna Twice’.  Check out Minna’s zest for a soulful life at www.dakinia.fi.  

Describe yourself with one word? Unfolding.

How old do you feel? Ageless.

How do you achieve balance in your life? By respecting the cyclical nature of life.

Early Bird or Night Owl? I’m rarely up very early these days, but I enjoy it greatly and I’m usually good company!

Three gadgets you can’t live without.  I think gadgets can be lived without. But I really appreciate my moka pot, my contact lenses and my MacBook.

What’s your favorite comfort food? Ice cream; Italian, or chunky.

If you could instantly teleport somewhere, where would you go? Anywhere I have friends waiting.

What one song do you listen to repeatedly?  Headless Heroes’ True Love Will Find You In The End.

What’s your credo?  “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. What the world longs for is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman.

Cake or Pie? Cake!

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